You Really Need to Try This Amazing Pizza Lava Toast

We believe that the best kind of pizza is the traditional pizza that you get in your local pizzeria. But that doesn’t mean we are not open to all other things with “pizza” in their name. For example, pizza lava toast from TikTok user Ninjacue is something we would never say no to. And once you see the dish, you will think the same.

Ninjacue’s recipe is quite easy, and it doesn’t even require pizza dough. All you need to have is some bread, marinara sauce, pepperoni, and several different kinds of cheese.

The first thing the popular TikToker did was to take a slice of bread and cover it with what seemed to be Provolone cheese. He then placed four cheese sticks on each end of the slice before topping it with a second slice of bread.

Next, he pressed the middle of the bread to make a ditch in which he added marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni slices. Finally, he seasoned it all with dry Italian herbs and pepper flakes before popping it into an air fryer for six minutes at 350F.

The result was cheesy goodness that you would want to make right away. So check out his video below and start cooking.