When it Comes to Pizza, Less is Truly More

Photo by mahyar motebassem on Unsplash

A popular concept of the modern era that people love to talk about it is “less is more”. This actually isn’t a new idea. People have endorsed it since the dawn of time, just in different ways. But nevertheless, it’s still an important idea to talk about, because for whatever reason we humans still love going overboard with just about everything. This is definitely true when it comes to pizza, and we’re here to say that that’s a problem. Because less is truly more when it comes to pizza.

Chill With the Toppings

When we make custom pies, we sometimes find ourselves going a bit wild with the toppings. We’ll throw on some mushrooms, then add some garlic because why not, and then before we know it we’ve turned it into an all-out veggie pizza. We’ll even toss on some pepperoni for good measure.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Main Attraction

We’re sorry for all the lactose intolerant types, but the main attraction with pizza is the cheese and sauce. Sure, the bread is darn important too, but if the sauce and cheese aren’t right, the pizza has lost. In order to make a good pizza, you gotta keep things simple. Instead of adding more toppings, add more cheese and sauce. Don’t lose sight of the main attraction and you’ll be good to go.