What is Beef Brisket?

Cooking beef brisket requires knowledge and patience. If you’ve never tried it, you may even wonder what beef brisket actually is. We’re bringing you some answers today.

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Brisket is a beef cut that comes from the cow’s breast. It’s tough and inexpensive, but it can be cooked to become tender and delicious. Brisket is a large piece of meat that can weight up to eight pounds.

The best cooking method for brisket includes low heat and long cooking time. Braising, smoking, and brining are some great options for preparing brisket. Depending on the cooking method, it can take from three to 12 hours to be ready.

The taste of brisket depends on the cooking method. Brined or smoked brisket will have specific flavors very different from braised brisket. Try a few options to see which one you like the most.

Are you going to try cooking your own brisket? Even though it may sound a bit intimidating, the result is definitely worth the effort!