What is a Food Co-Op?

If you’ve ever heard the term food co-op and not known what is was, you’re not alone. A food co-op, or food cooperative is a grocery store alternative that essentially is a membership to a store as well as often being involved in deciding what products the store carries. This non-traditional grocery store has a lot of benefits that you may want to consider taking part in.

Support Local

Food co-ops almost often source their produce and sometimes other goods as well from local farms and business, which feeds right back into the community. This is a great way to support your local economy!


Since the produce is usually sourced locally, you can feel good about eating only seasonal food, which is better for the environment in terms of agriculture and fossil fuel waste.


If you follow a zero-waste lifestyle or try to reduce your waste, joining a food co-op is a great place to start. A lot of times their products will be in bulk and the produce won’t be wrapped up in plastic, which reduces a lot of waste! Also, a lot of food co-ops will price the produce that is starting to go bad very cheaply or even for free! As long as the food isn’t molding, you can get a deal and save something from being thrown away!