Tortik Annushka’s Cakes Are the Very Definition of Food Art

The world of food art never ceases to amaze us, because those who inhabit it are constantly finding unique ways to make their mark. One of the best examples is the Moscow-based cake design studio Tortik Annushka, best known for blending art, architecture, and food into one.

Founded by siblings Madina Yavorskaya and Rustam Kungurov in 2009, this family business is the perfect reflection of the duo’s artistic background. Yavorskaya has a degree in fine arts, while Kungurov studied architecture—and that explains the artistic and architectural flair of their creations.

With 800,000 Instagram followers and counting, Tortik Annushka attracted worldwide attention, and they count many high-profile brands amongst their former and current clients. They have cakes for every occasion, and they even offer online classes, teaching people the secrets of their craft.

When it comes to the inspiration, Yavorskaya and Kungurov find it pretty much everywhere, but the process of working together is what makes their cakes come to life. Many of them are inspired by popular culture, classic art, and current events—and each one gives us something new to admire.