Top 5 Supermarkets for Free Samples

Food shopping
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

What’s not to love about free samples? Anything free is automatically better. And when you’re grocery shopping, you’re bound to get hungry going down aisle after aisle of food. That’s when free samples come in clutch! When it comes to free samples, some stores just have better ones than others. These five are the best for freebies.


Costco has everything and the same can be said about the free samples—there is tons of variety. What’s even better is they’re unlimited, so you can go back for seconds and thirds!

Trader Joe’s

In addition to the sampling station at most Trader Joe’s, which has coffee and small bites, you can try anything in the store.

Whole Foods

If you’re lucky you’ll come across free samples at the store, but if there is something you’ve been dying to try, the store policy is you can sample almost anything.


Publix and Public GreenWise Market has samples of tons of specialty items like sheet cake and guacamole and kids get a free cookie from the bakery.

Sam’s Club

For almost 40 years, Sam’s Club has been offering a sampling and demo program with free food and beverages. Members can also write reviews of what they’ve tasted.