Tired of Basil Pesto? Try These Instead!

Photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash

On the list of perfect food marriages, pesto and pasta rank near the top. After all, the words even sound similar. But as excellently as these two elements go together, there are way more things that can be done with pesto, and way more pestos than the basil kind you’re probably familiar with.


Coriander is incredibly polarizing, with one half of the world thinking it’s heavenly, and the other half believing it tastes like soap. If you’re a fan of the herb, there’s no better way to enjoy it than in pesto form.

Sun-Dried Tomato

Pesto is not reserved just for herbs. As long as the ingredient can be puréed, it’s good to go. Sun-dried tomatoes provide a tart sweetness that pairs wonderfully with walnuts and a bit of heat.


Isn’t pea pesto pasta fun to say? The bright green mush not only goes well with noodles; it can be served on toast and adds a freshness to salads.


Peppery and fresh, rocket is a winner when it comes to pesto. Add in some anchovies to give it a salty kick.


Fine, this is strictly more of a tapenade than a pesto, but who cares what it’s called when it stirs through pasta so nicely?! For true olive lovers, go ahead and mix your colors.