Tips for Safe Microwave Use

Kitchen tips
Photo: Wrightmt/Wikimedia Commons

Microwave ovens are a marvel of kitchen technology, but even though they’ve been around for so long most of us probably take them for granted. In a pinch, heating up food in a flash in these electrical appliances is so convenient and makes life much easier.

However, there are some important safety tips that are easy to forget when using these appliances. Here are a few that you should always keep in mind to stay safe and healthy.

Never Microwave Metal or Plastic

Microwaves are not meant to have any sort of metal or plastic inside of them. Metals can spark and cause a fire, while plastic can be melted by microwave energy—releasing toxic fumes and particles into the food you are warming up.

Cover with a Paper Towel

If you overheat food in a microwave oven, it can result in an explosion and possibly a fire that could be devastating to your home and kitchen. It sounds hard to believe, but just covering up your food with a paper towel when heating it can stop it from “spitting” and potentially causing a fire.

Protect Your Hands

The same rules that apply to taking food out of a conventional oven also apply to microwaves. Protect your hands with oven mitts or gloves when removing a hot plate or container from a microwave oven to ensure you don’t burn your hands!