This Two-Ingredient Homemade Labneh is Addictive

Labneh is a Middle Eastern staple that is a cross between yogurt and cheese. It’s tangy, fresh, and really savory which feels so satisfying. Making it at home is actually pretty simple, it just takes a little bit of time to create. But by the end, you will have this gorgeous spread that you can use as a dip, a spread, or anything you can think of!


The ingredients for this recipe are 32 ounces of yogurt made with whole milk and 3/4 teaspoon of salt.


To make the labneh, you first need to combine the whole milk yogurt with the salt. Then, line a bowl with either a thin linen cloth, a muslin cloth, or several layers of cheese cloth. Pour the yogurt mixture into the cloth and tie at the top to make a little bundle. Then, hang this over the kitchen sink or over a fine mesh sieve that is on top of a deep bowl. Drain the mixture for 24-48 hours and when you’re done, you’ll have beautiful labneh! Traditionally the labneh is served with a glug of olive oil in the middle if you’re using it as a dip, and it takes really well to bold spices like sumac or zaatar.