This Talented Guy Makes the Most Adorable Pasta

Some people are simply born more creative than others. When you see Dan Freeman’s work, you’ll know why we believe he is one of them. Freeman, an NYC-based lawyer and dad, makes the most adorable succulent pasta you’ve ever seen. He’s famous on TikTok and you can follow him there to see more!


What sauce should I make for these? I haven’t cooked them yet 🤷🏻‍♂️ #pasta #pastatiktok #succulents

♬ original sound – Danny Loves Pasta

Freeman makes pasta that looks like tiny succulents in terracotta pots. It looks almost too good to be eaten, but the insides hide delicious cheese which makes for a tasty meal. His first attempt at succulent ravioli went well on social media, but after he listened to some of the comments he received, he added the pots and his work went viral.

“The response really blew me away!” the creative chef told Popsugar. “I’m happy that it was able to make so many people smile.”

You’d easily assume he is a professional chef, but Freeman is actually a non-profit tenant-rights lawyer. He has a young daughter and makes pasta while she’s napping or in the evenings. Pasta reminds him of his Italian-American grandmother who used to make fresh pasta for family gatherings.

You can also see his work on Instagram, where he currently has 15k followers. He shares many more amazing pasta designs there.