This Food Artist Can Transform Your Plate Into a Tasty Masterpiece

We all enjoy seeing a nicely decorated plate in front of us, but the ones created by Daryna Kossar look so good you’d probably feel bad about eating foods they contain.

This visual artist from Ukraine became a true sensation on Instagram after she started sharing photos of beautifully arranged foods. She uses all sorts of fresh and natural ingredients in her attempt to put different kinds of amazing scenes on an empty plate.

Cartoon characters, cute animals and beautiful landscapes come to life on her amazing works of art, and she always uses edible ingredients along the way. Berries, cookies, vegetables, and rice are a mainstay in her works of art, but she’s open to using any other food that fits right in.

What started as a way of Kossar’s unique way of self-expression transformed into a successful business over the years, and she currently has over 60,000 followers on Instagram.

She enjoys using small things to make something of a larger scale, and it’s impressive to see how ordinary foods we eat every day turn into something truly amazing on her plates.