This Coke Hack Has Gone Completely Viral

Photo by Andrey Ilkevich on Unsplash

The internet is a super weird place and social media is at the epicenter. Over the years, the World Wide Web has had people jumping on some very busy food trends (we see you, tide pod eaters…) and this one has to go on the list.

Millions of videos have arisen of people trying “healthy Coke”. The bizarre hack originated on TikTok, with the hashtag #healthycoke having almost 50 million views.

The allegedly healthy version of the age-old soft drink involves combining balsamic vinegar, a fizzy beverage, and ice.

The result looks an awful lot like Coke, but surely it can’t taste anything like it. Right?!

Responses have been mixed, with some saying that the combo passes as a nasty April Fool’s Day prank, while others can pick up that Coke-like tang. Although not as sweet, a bit of vanilla essence can be added (or sugar), and a piece of lemon or lemon-flavored soda reportedly works nicely.

While the strange sparking salad dressing will never taste exactly like Coke, those who have made it say they’re not mad at it…

As for it being healthy, it certainly has less sugar than ordinary Coke, and balsamic vinegar is known to reduce cholesterol and improve digestion.