These 3 Tricks Will Help You Make the Best Grilled Vegetables

Grilled veggie tips
Photo: liz west from Boxborough, MA/Wikimedia Commons

Grilled vegetables are one of those vegan dishes you can find on every restaurant menu, but making them at home is even more fun. It can take time and effort to make your grilled vegetables perfectly delicious, but these three tricks will help you get there faster.

Perfect Slices

The first step of preparing your veggies for the grill is slicing them correctly. When taking this step, keep in mind you can’t use the same technique for each veggie, since they come in different shapes and sizes. Cutting them into smaller pieces is usually a good idea, because they cook faster this way.

Oil Coating

No recipe for grilled vegetables is complete without the appropriate amount of oil, and this ingredient has two important roles. It will stop your veggies from sticking to the grill, skillet, or panini press—depending on where you’re making them—in addition to helping salt, paper, and other seasonings stick firmly together.

Veggie Pairs

Grilling several types of vegetables at the same time can get tricky, since some of them take longer to cook than others. That’s why you should consider grilling soft and hard veggies separately, giving them all the right amount of time to cook properly.