These Foods Will Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

We all want that perfect smile, don’t we? It makes us feel confident and is often one of the first physical traits others notice about us. However, it can be hard to give our teeth the attention they deserve when we’re so busy or to undo the damage caused by various foods and drinks.

Why not work some of nature’s natural toothcare products into your diet?

Oranges Bring Bromelain To The Party

Bromelain, a chemical found in oranges, naturally shifts stains off your teeth. It can also help smash apart plaque formations in your mouth. Bromelain is also found in pineapples. Yum!

Strawberries Gently Whiten Teeth

A nice bowl of strawberries is full of malic acid and that, by happy coincidence, removes surface stains from your pearly whites. Apples have malic acid too, so they’re not just good for keeping doctors away, but dentists, too!

Nuts And Seeds Offer Gentle Abrasive Action

You wouldn’t rub your teeth with sandpaper, that’s too abrasive and far too unappealing. You can, however, chow down on almonds which are a great gentle abrasive agent that helps remove stains on teeth without damaging them.

Celery Gets You Salivating

Saliva is good for your mouth. Celery causes us to salivate (as do other crunchy foods) and saliva keeps the mouth clean and free of plaque build-ups. Celery is also ultra-low calorie making it an all around smart and healthy choice.