The Perfect Cheese for Your Lasagna

There’s no doubt that lasagna is one of the most popular pasta dishes out there. This Italian classic is a favorite due to its easy preparation, rich taste, and the number of people that have grown up eating this dish.

Did you know that it’s possible to put your own spin on lasagna with different types of cheese? Here are some that you should definitely try adding to your next plate of lasagna.


Mozzarella is the classic cheese used in most preparations of lasagna. Why does it work so well? The creamy, stretchy nature of this classic cheese and its neutral taste allows the meat flavors and other components of the dish to shine through.

Pepper Jack

More and more people are trying to make spicy lasagna these days, and a great cheese option for this version of the dish is pepper jack. Creamy and possessing a good texture for lasagna, the added spicy peppers in this cheese give it the perfect characteristics for a spicy lasagna.


Sometimes people prefer a little more “bite” in their lasagna cheese, which means that cheddar could be a good option. While this traditional cheese of British origins does have a little more bite than mozzarella, it’s plenty creamy too.