The Best Way To Freeze Fruit

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

All hard fruit are suitable for freezing that will preserve them for a long time. Keep in mind the texture after freezing will never be like the fresh texture and always a little soggy.

The freezer is a very effective tool for preserving fruit. Almost all fruits—from melon, banana, plum, peach, apple to strawberries and berries—cope well with freezing, with the exception of citrus fruit.

The home freezer works at a very low temperature. Low enough, to turn water to ice. Fruit that freeze and thaw will always be more soggy than their fresh counterparts. This is because of the process of freezing water in the fruit freeze in the form of crystals, which cause fluid loss during thawing.

So, freezing fruit means the most appropriate use of them should be chosen in advance. To get the most of frozen fruit, group pieces of fruit you like into several bags, with each bag containing enough fruit for one serving of smoothie.

Freeze the bags and just pull one out and grind in a blender every morning with water, orange juice, yogurt—or any liquid that will help you get a yummy start to your day.