The Best Drinks to Have When in Spain

Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

Spanish food is some of the best and most flavorful in the world. Not only is there food delectable, they have some really terrific cocktails. Especially if you are there in the summer, you’ll need to order yourself a cocktail to cool off from the hot Spanish sun. Try one of these cocktails and drink up all of Spain.

Gin and Tonic

Spain is actually the biggest consumer of gin in the world, and it shows in their gin and tonics! What makes them so different is the array of different types of tonic and general flavor combinations.


When people think of vermouth, they usually imagine it combined with gin in a martini. However, in Spain, people drink different typea of red vermouth. Vermouth is a fortified wine that is wildly popular in Spain and has been for centuries. Most people just order it plain over ice, with a soda, or find it in many different cocktails.


Sangria is probably the most well known of Spain’s cocktails. Although in some places of the country it can be a little bit of a tourist trap, if you are in the south where it gets hottest, it is absolutely necessary.