The Best Cauliflower Dish For All Ages

Image by @greenland_kuwait / Instagram

Cauliflower: broccoli’s albino cousin. Bane of many children’s dinners. While it’s a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, protein, and more, it seems like kryptonite to most kids. But, with this delicious recipe, you may just be able to change your child’s mind about cauliflower.

Aloo Gobhi

While the name may sound a bit off-putting, this delicious dish made with potatoes (aloo), cauliflower (gobhi), and Indian spices is completely vegetarian and makes a great hot dinner. It gets its yellow color from turmeric, and also blends flavors like mustard seeds, cumin, onions, curry, chilli powder, and coriander. This recipe even features fresh coriander leaves!

What Recipes Won’t Tell You

You’ll find recipes for this curry dish all over the internet and in any cookbook that lists Indian staples. What the recipe won’t tell you, however, is how to choose your ingredients.

For instance, your potatoes should be waxy in order to achieve a fluffier result. Using tomatoes in your aloo gobhi dish will bring moisture to the dry meal, especially if you opt for a tomato puree (just a bit will do). When it comes to adding chili powder to your dish, consider who you’re serving, as this will determine much of the spiciness of the dish.

No matter which recipe you use, aloo gobhi is an Indian staple and a great vegetarian curry to serve the whole family.