The Amazing Health Benefits of Lentils

The health benefits of lentils
Photo by SB on Unsplash

How often do you eat lentils? Probably not as much as you should be eating. Indeed, you’ll want to have them on your menu more often after you read about the amazing health benefits they provide. Lentils are legumes and very good for you, and we believe they should be a big part of everyone’s diet. Here’s why.

Lower Risk of Chronic Illness

If you eat lentils regularly, you will be at a lower risk of some chronic illnesses, like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Lentils are rich in compounds called phenols, which help your overall health and prevent certain diseases from developing.

Better Digestive System

The presence of prebiotic fiber makes lentils great for promoting good gut health. Eating them fuels your body with beneficial gut bacteria. Not only will your digestive system work better, but this also means that you’ll be at a lower risk of colon cancer.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Like many other foods with a low glycemic index, lentils (and other legumes) will provide you with long-lasting energy and regulate your blood sugar levels. This means you won’t have energy rises and drops like you do when eating carbs and sugar. It’s especially important to know this if you’re suffering from insulin resistance or if you have other predispositions for diabetes.