Thanksgiving Leftovers: Here’s How to Use Them

Thanksgiving food
Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Have some leftovers in the fridge from Thanksgiving? Well, don’t let them go to waste. Instead, use them to make some great dishes that will get you and your family through the week. Here are some ideas.

Leftover Turkey: Sandwiches

Things get simple with leftover turkey. Simply shred it to bits and stuff it between two slices of bread. Turkey sandwiches are insanely good, and you can customize them in all sorts of ways. Best of all, they will give you a chance to use up some other Thanksgiving leftovers like cranberry sauce.

Leftover Mashed Potato: Fried Patties

Mashed potato leftovers can be used in all sorts of tasty ways. However, our favorite has to be fried mashed potato patties. Just combine the leftover mashed potato in a bowl with some milk, eggs, flour, salt, and pepper. Mix until all the ingredients combine, form the patties, and fry in oil. Pair up with some sour cream or other condiments and enjoy.

Leftover Stuffing and Gravy: Waffles

In the mood for some waffles? Well, use the leftover stuffing and gravy to make some. Simply combine the stuffing, one egg, and a splash of gravy in a bowl. Mix until you get the batter, get out the waffle maker, and get on to waffle making. They might not be perfect with maple syrup (although it doesn’t hurt to try) but they go great with scrambled eggs and bacon.