Thanks to Technology, Learning to Cook is Easier Than Ever

Food Insta
Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

There was once a time in our society when in order to learn how to cook a recipe, one needed to open up a heavy recipe book, sift through the pages, and follow hard-to-read instructions. If there were any hiccups or mishaps, tough luck. Nowadays, we’re so far gone from that time, and learning how to cook something is easier than it’s ever been. Thanks to technology, being an amateur chef has never been so readily accessible.

Chef Influencers

The presence of social media, and ultimately the chef influencer movement, is by far the biggest contributor to modern cooking in the last 20 years. The sheer quantity of available cooking tutorials online is truly mind-blogging. There’s virtually no recipe you can imagine that you can’t find online, and you’ll usually find countless versions of it.

Effective Teaching

Perhaps what’s been so significant about this tech revolution in the cooking industry is the impressive way influencers teach their followers how to cook. The tutorials going around are practical, easy to follow, and visually engaging. They’re so user-friendly that it’s almost impossible to screw things up—and the best part is, you can look up what you did wrong if something in your recipe goes awry!