Tequila Tastes Great With These Fruit Juices

There’s nothing quite like a tequila cocktail, is there? This Mexican liquor, made from the highly-prized agave plant, has a taste and aspect that allows it to combine especially well with fruit flavors. This can be seen in world-famous cocktails such as margaritas.

However, don’t feel like you have to limit your tequila creativity to lime juice. In fact, there’s a whole world of fruit juices out there that combine well with this beloved liquor. Check out some of the top picks!

Orange Juice

Orange juice, as a citrus drink, combines naturally well with tequila. In fact, OJ is the base of another famous tequila cocktail, the “Tequila Sunrise.” Don’t be afraid to experiment with orange juice by itself with tequila or in combination with other citrus or tropical flavors.

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Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice’s sweet and slightly tart flavor is another great combination with tequila. We recommend combining it with a little bit of lime juice or a liqueur such as triple sec to make a delicious cocktail.

Mango Nectar

Mango nectar can often be found at specialty Latin-American grocery stores, and if you are lucky enough to find it, you’ll be amazed at how great it goes with tequila in cocktails. Some even like adding a little bit of spice with chili powder or hot sauce to balance out the sweetness of mango.