Taco Bell Brings Back Queso Crispy Chicken Wings for a Limited Time

People usually don’t think about heading to Taco Bell when they are craving some chicken wings. But they might start doing that, at least in the next couple of weeks.

Taco Bell just announced they’re bringing back their Crispy Chicken Wings nationwide for a limited run. These chicken wings come coated in the fast food chain’s signature Mexican Queso seasoning and are served with Spicy Ranch dip.

The return of Crispy Chicken Wings is part of the Ultimate GameDay Box promotion, which aims to give football fans a perfect, all-in-one order to bring their game-watching experience to the next level. Besides the chicken wings, the box also has the chain’s iconic Mexican Pizza, Crunchy Tacos, and two dips of your own choosing.

Crispy Chicken Wings will be available for order as a single item as well and are set to remain on the menu until February 9th.

“The Ultimate GameDay Box allows Taco Bell to compete in a space that’s been traditionally reserved for pizza and wings, in a way only this brand can,” explained Taco Bell’s global chief brand officer Sean Tresvant in a press release.

Taco Bell’s Crispy Chicken Wings made their debut in 2021 as part of the chain’s attempt to get in on the chicken wings craze. Despite being a big success, the menu item was discontinued after just one week. It was resurrected again in early 2022 for another short run.