Sweet Potato Toast is the New Food Craze You Have to Try ASAP

Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

Sweet potato toast has been around for years, but it’s truly having a moment right now. In the sea of tasty new food trends emerging on a daily basis, this new craze is putting a twist on the way we see toast and completely changing our breakfast routine.

The emergence of sweet potato toast is pretty easy to explain once you pay closer attention. Sweet potatoes, in general, are having a moment right now, and replacing your bread with this veggie is a great way to make your breakfast gluten-free.

As we all strive to make our diet healthier around the holidays, sweet potato toast is just the thing we need. In addition to being a great alternative to bread, you can top it with healthy ingredients of your choice, ranging from red barriers to avocado, banana, and eggs.

Another reason for the emergence of this trend is the quick and easy preparation process. After cutting your potatoes into 1-inch slices, you just have to spray them with some cooking spray and pop them inside your toaster until tender—or use the oven to speed up the process. Once they’re baked, it’s up to you to decorate them with the toppings of your liking, and the options are pretty much endless.