Summer Fruits That You Must Put on Your Shopping List

Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

Summer is finally upon us, as the official beginning of the season took place on June 21st. For fruit lovers, this season offers a ton of delicious options to consume as our local fruit and produce markets begin to see the fruits of this season’s harvest.

Be sure to add these fruits to your shopping list and add the best of summer to the kitchen.


Watermelon’s name is apt, as this fruit’s content is more than 90% H2O! That makes it a perfect and refreshing treat for the warm months of summer, as it gives you a sweet hydration boost that is perfect for days at the pool or the beach.

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Peaches also come into their peak during the summer. This classic fruit oozes juiciness and sweet flavor that makes it a perfect snack on its own or a great option in desserts like peach cobbler and peach ice cream.


Nothing quite says summer like a container full of strawberries on a picnic in a sunny park. These juicy and delicious red berries are at their peak in early summer, and you should run to the store now to snatch some up.