Pineapple Buns Will Be All the Rage in 2020 – According to Yelp

It’s that time of the year when we’re bombarded with dozens of food trend predictions for next year, and it was just a matter of time before Yelp shared theirs. In addition to featuring several obvious choices, they came up with one pick we didn’t see coming – pineapple buns.

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Make Special pineapple buns with Chinese barbecue pork

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This sweet pastry is already all the range in Hong Kong and China, but don’t let its name fool you. It owes it to the texture of its characteristic topping, which resembles a pineapple, but doesn’t actually taste like on.

The dough is actually made using sugar, eggs, flour, and lard, and this part tastes crunchy and sweet when compared to the bread underneath. Pineapple buns have been a part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage for decades, but Yelp predicts they’ll start making waves around the world next year.

The list of their food trend predictions also includes Korean cuisine, Nashville hot chicken, healthy comfort foods such as cauliflower pizza, and elevated breakfast options, including souffle pancakes and cinnamon swirl pancakes.