Orange Juice Comes With a Long List of Unexpected and Creative Uses

Alternate uses for orange juice
Photo by ABHISHEK HAJARE on Unsplash

Most people only reach for a glass of orange juice when they want to quench their thirst, but there’s more to this drink than meets the eye. Orange juice can be used in all sorts of different dishes, and here’s what you can do with it when you’re not in the mood to drink it.

Better Salads

If you like experimenting with your salad dressings, orange juice is just the thing you need. You can use it to add a zing to your salad, mix it up with other seasonings, or use it as a marinade.

Baking Cakes

Orange juice is often used as an ingredient in cakes and bread mixes. Sometimes the original recipe calls for orange juice, but you can use it to replace water even if that’s not the case.

Orange Glaze

You can get an amazing glaze for all sorts of dishes by mixing honey with orange juice, from cakes and bread to less obvious choices such as grilled ribs and bacon.

Freezing Time

Orange juice can be frozen as easily as water, but it will lead to better results. You can pour it inside your ice cube trays to get tasty ice cubes or use it to make refreshing ice pops.