Mark Your Calendar For These May Food Holidays!

Can you believe that it’s almost May already? The fifth month of the year is lurking just around the corner, giving us even more opportunities to celebrate food and drink holidays to brighten up our lives.

So, pull out your calendar and get ready to pencil in these important culinary holidays into your calendar for the upcoming month!

National Shrimp Day: May 10th

Are you a shrimp lover? These little crustaceans are one of the world’s most popular seafoods due to their meaty, rich taste of this creature, which can be fried, put into pasta sauces, or sauteed in garlic butter. Whatever your favorite way to enjoy shrimp is, May 10th would be a great day to do it!

National Hummus Day: May 15th

Hummus is one of our favorite healthy snack foods, and it will have its own special day on Friday the 15th. Why not slice up some pita bread and veggies and relax with a bowl of hummus to celebrate?

National Wine Day: May 25th

Whether you like it red or white, still or sparkling, aged or young, wine truly offers options for everyone. The warmer temperatures of late May might invite you to crack open a bottle of a dry white to celebrate this fantastic holiday, but if you like reds, you can choose one of them too!