Make Your Cocktails Healthy And Delicious With These Tips

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Everyone loves a good cocktail at the end of a long day or at a fun party. Although alcohol is a little calorically dense, the real kicker is when you start adding in sugar from mixers and add-ins. But don’t fear! There are many easy changes you can make to your cocktail recipes that will make them healthier, giving you even more reasons to raise a glass.

Make Your Own Mixer

Store-bought mixers add tons of calories and sugar into your cocktails. Instead, go ahead and make your own at home. Not only will it be fresher, which will make your cocktails more delicious, but you can also control how much sugar you put in and use real fruit juices instead of concentrates.

Add Natural Sweetness

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Every fruit and even some vegetables have naturally occurring sugars in them. Take advantage of that and use real fruit and homemade juices in your drinks! Not only will they taste delicious, you’ll get all the nutrients from the fresh produce.

Don’t Forget About Sparkling Water

Jazz up your cocktails without adding any more calories. Adding a bit of fizz is not only exciting but cost effective, and will keep you more hydrated than adding bubbly wine.