Make Perfect Soufflé Pancakes with These Useful Tips

Image by llowollaa from Pixabay

Japanese soufflé pancakes became extremely popular around the world thanks to their fluffy structure and delicious taste, but they can be difficult to make. If you’re trying to master the art of baking perfect cloud-like pancakes, here’s a couple of hacks that could come in handy.

Cold Eggs

Most soufflé pancakes experts agree on one thing – you should keep your egg whites cold before whipping them. Your meringue will be more stable this way, and you’ll be able to achieve airy consistency you’re aiming for.

Gentle Flips

Soufflé pancakes are more fragile than any others, and that’s why it’s extremely important to handle them gently. Be careful when you’re flipping them because you’ll ruin their delicate structure otherwise.

Low Heat

These fluffy pancakes require an incredible amount of patience, and you’ll have to figure some things out as you go along. Baking them on low heat is extremely important because you’ll end up burning their outsides while keeping the inside raw otherwise.