Love Cheese? Here’s How to Store It

Storing cheese
Photo by Rebecca Orlov | Orlov Design Co on Unsplash

Sometimes it’s just the perfect time to have a wine and cheese night, and if you want to have a bunch of varieties of cheese, chances are you won’t be to able to finish all of them. So, what’s the correct way to store opened cheeses? Keep reading to find out how you should store cheeses to ensure their freshness.

Wrap It in Cheese Paper or Parchment Paper

When you break the seal of your cheese container, it will no longer keep your cheese fresh. To avoid mold and oxidation, store your cheese in cheese paper or wrap it in parchment paper or wax, then put it in a partially sealed bag.

Store it in Cheese Drawer or Vegetable Crisper

Avoid storing cheese in the refrigerator door or towards the front of the shelves as the cheese needs to be kept in a consistent temperature. Instead, store wrapped cheese in the cheese drawer or vegetable crisper.

Pay Attention to the Type of Cheese

How you store cheese depends on the type, as hard cheese like Parmesan should be wrapped tightly in paper and then loosely wrapped in plastic, while semi-hard to semi-soft cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, and gouda should we wrapped loosely in paper and then loosely in plastic wrap.