Learn to Flip Food in a Pan Like a Pro with This Amazing Tutorial

Flipping food in a pan like a real pro is one of those useful skills that will make it seem like you really know what you’re doing even if that’s not the case. If you’re struggling to master this trick, you’re not alone, but we’re here to help you out.

YouTube is filled with food flipping tutorials, but the one we liked the most was shared by Chef John, who attracted 3.25 million subscribers with his YouTube channel Food Wishes. He suggests practicing this technique with cheese balls because they’re light and won’t make any mess even if they fly out the pan.

Chef John notes that the biggest mistake people make when flipping food is that they throw it up in the air and try to catch it. We should embrace back and forth motion instead of making a huge mess with our food.

Flipping food in a pan sure looks cool, but that’s not the only reason to master this trick. It can often be faster and more effective than using a spoon or a spatula, so check out this amazing tutorial and try to do it yourself.