Learn to Cook Like an 18th-Century Chef!

Ah, the glory days of the 18th century. These fantastic times, when indoor plumbing was non-existent and people usually had to hunt and forage for their meals, looked nothing like the world in which we live today.

Have you ever wondered what kinds of recipes and foods were commonly eaten and prepared in the 1700s? While it might be impossible to travel back in a time machine to see exactly how things were done, recipe books and written records give us a pretty good idea of how things were done.

Now, just leave it to an ingenious YouTuber to take these recipes, use 18th-century cooking methods, and show us just what this might have looked like!

Townsends is a manufacturer and producer of 18th-century reproduction items, and their YouTube channel is dedicated to showing off how their products can be used to remake 18th-century recipes.

John Townsend, the host, does his research and uses old recipes to recreate dishes that wouldn’t look out of place in a 21st-century kitchen, like fried chicken and potato pancakes, and others that look completely foreign to us now, such as coffee eggs and bison soup!

Townsend’s detailed explanations and interesting takes on what food used to look like 300 years ago are a fantastic look at just how much cooking and ingredients have evolved and changed since then. If you give his videos a watch, you’ll be sure to find something interesting!