Lava Cakes Come in Many Delicious Shapes and Forms

Image by romanakr from Pixabay

Crunchy on the outside, warm and melting on the inside—lava cakes are the perfect combo between a chocolate cake and a soufflé. They’re truly the best of both worlds, and there are several different ways to serve them and make them look truly unique.

Classic Lava Cakes

The simplest way to serve lava cake is to put it on a plate and decorate it with chocolate sauce, fruits, sugar, and other garnishings of your choice.

Cake in a Cup

If you don’t want the melted chocolate to pour all over your plate, this serving choice is a much better pick. Individual portions can be served in tiny ramekins, which you can also replace with coffee and tea mugs—or any other ceramic pieces of a similar size.

Ice Cream Baby

Lava cakes are also often served with vanilla ice cream on the side, which tastes perfect in combination with melting chocolate.

Different Colors

Lava cakes usually come in a dark brown shade because chocolate happens to be the main ingredient, but you can experiment with your recipe and create cakes in different colors.