Jazz Up Store Bought Pizza

Photo by Brenna Huff on Unsplash

After a long day at work, a lot of people are tempted to pick up the phone and order in a pizza. But even if you can’t muster the courage to make one yourself, you can still avoid delivery and do a slightly healthier version of one by using a store-bought pizza.

Store-Bought Crust

Whether you get just raw dough or a pre-made crust, you can make a pizza much healthier by using your own tomato sauce, or making one using a combination of canned pure pureed tomatoes and some real tomatoes. Top it with some cheese and your favorite toppings, and you already have a healthier pizza.


If you really don’t have the energy to do any cooking, the best thing to do is buy a plain cheese pizza and put your own vegetables on it for the toppings. Using vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, or even eggplant will make your pizza at least have some good nutrition.


Adding spices to your pizza is a great way to get extra antioxidants and other health benefits. Add some spice with red chili flakes or fiber and vitamin E with oregano. You can also add fresh herbs for an even healthier addition.