Improve Your Apple Pie Recipe by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Apple pie
Photo by Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

Apple pie is one of those dishes that are tasty, comforting, and nostalgic at the same time, and we should all learn how to make it. It takes time to perfect your personal recipe and avoiding these common mistakes is a good place to start.

Right Kind of Apples

Always go with a firmer variety of apples when preparing this dish, because softer ones tend to get mushy in the oven—and remember to skip the blender and cut the apples by hand.

Apple Overload

If you tend to add more apples to your filling than recommended in the hope your pie will taste better, it’s time to stop. Extra fruit juices can moisten your crust and potentially ruin your pie.

No Thickener

Another way to avoid baking a mushy pie is remembering to always use thickeners—such as flour or cornstarch—when preparing your dough.

Dough Mistake

Remember to place your dough inside a fridge while preparing your filling, because your batter will soften if you leave it at room temperature.

Oven Temperature

Meddling with your oven temperature in an attempt to bake your pie faster isn’t a good idea. The oven has to be heated properly, or the bottom of your crust won’t be well-baked.