Immortal Foods: 6 Foods That Literally Last Forever

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

It’s a bad idea to keep a loaf of sliced bread forever; it gets moldy and deserves a toss in the trash. Bread needs an expiration date. However, these foods do not – they are essentially immortal.

Honey Can Crystalize

Honey, if left to stand, often changes form and develops crystals but remains fine to eat. It’s pretty much pure sugar. If you want it without crystals, stand the jar in warm water until the solid melts.

White Rice Is Fine

Brown rice expires, but what about white rice? It doesn’t matter how long you leave it lying around, it’s the same as the day you bought it.

White Vinegar Has Plenty Of Vigor

Vinegar is a preserving agent, so it should come as no surprise that white vinegar is safe to consume for as long as you have it in the cabinet.

Salt Is Super Long-Lived

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Himalayan, sea, table or kosher salt, it all keeps for decades.

Cornstarch Needs Sealing

You have to seal cornstarch and leave it in a dry place but other than that? It will remain edible for all your days.

Sugar Can Clump A Little

If you leave sugar in an airtight container, it won’t clump. Even if it does clump, it’s perfectly safe to eat.


So there you have it. If you have any of these items at home, you can ignore the expiration date. They’ll maybe even outlive your kitchen!