How to Use Frozen Strawberries Just in Time For Summer!

One of the bests things about summer are all the fresh fruits like watermelon, fresh berries, and melons. If you’re worried about the fruit going bad quickly, frozen fruits are a great alternative. There’s so many amazing desserts and drinks you can make with frozen strawberries and here are just a few to get you started.

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Box Bars

These frozen strawberry shortcakes pair strawberries and whipped cream in this mouth-watering dessert. The secret to thickening the frozen strawberries is cornstarch and believe it or not, these taste even better than they look.

Strawberry Cupcakes

Chunks of strawberries in the batter are what make these cupcakes special and the frozen strawberry sauce mixed with the cream cheese frosting makes these taste so fresh.

Strawberry Daiquiri Punch

This recipe is so easy to make—all you need to do is blend some thawed frozen strawberries and stir them into a limeade concentrate, juice, or rum, and soda. This is a crowd-pleaser you’ll want to whip up at your next summer party.

Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt

For those of you who prefer tart opposed to sugary sweet, like chocolate or vanilla froyo, make some strawberry Greek frozen yogurt. We guarantee it will taste even better than what you’ll buy at the shop.

Strawberry and Sage Shrub

The star of this drink is the frozen strawberry sauce that’s made by simmering unsweetened berries with lemon, pink peppercorns, honey, and sage. Add a splash of bubbly like club soda or sparkling wine to complete this cocktail.