How to Pit Cherries Without a Cherry Pitter

Some recipes call for fresh cherries and removing the pits is annoying, especially when you don’t have a cherry pitter. But for some amazing desserts like cherry pie, it’s worth it. Pitting cherries doesn’t have to be a long process and here’s how to pit them with and without a pitter.

With a Cherry Pitter

Cherry pitters grip cherries and poke the pit through easily, without getting cherry juice everywhere. If you eat a lot of cherries, they’re a great investment as they cost under $15.

Without a Cherry Pitter

With some kitchen supplies, you can make a makeshift cherry pitter. You’ll need chopsticks, a wooden skewer, or a straw. If you’re using chopsticks or wooden skewers poke it through the cherries to remove the pit. If you have reusable metal or hard plastic straws, push them through the bottom of the cherry through the top.

If you don’t feel like trying these hacks, you can always use frozen cherries or canned ones. But, fresh cherries are really best for baking.