How to Make an Easy Glaze

Easy guide to making glaze
Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash

Glaze is a great way to top lots of desserts, from donuts to loaf cakes to soft pretzels. It’s much easier to whip up than icing and can be poured or drizzled to satisfying perfection. That means it’s also much easier to work with than icing. If you’d like a nice sugary top on your desserts or if you’re baking something that can take either glaze or icing and don’t have an electric mixer, use this simple guide for making glaze.


  • Powdered sugar
  • liquid (such as water or milk)
  • Flavoring of your choice


Start by sifting two cups of powdered sugar (or as much as you want to use) into a mixing bowl. Sifting it will help avoid clumping and make it easier to mix up.

Drizzle your liquid in slowly as you whisk, or add in tablespoons and whisk after each addition. As soon as you get a pourable consistency, stop adding liquid. Glaze that’s too thin won’t stick to your pastry, so be sure to keep a close eye on how thick it is and don’t add too much liquid. Finally, add your flavoring and you’re ready to pour! Be sure your cake or cookies are completely cooled before pouring on the glaze, or it will melt.


There are lots of options for flavor, the most common being vanilla extract or lemon juice for a lemon glaze. But there are lots of other options you can try out, such as coffee, liqueur, or other fruit juice.