How to Keep Apple Slices From Browning

Photo by Matheus Cenali on Unsplash

If you are preparing a fruit snack for later, and you love sliced apples, then you probably had that situation where your favorite fruit doesn’t look the same as at the moment when you prepared it. We all had that unpleasant situation where we prepared perfect little slices of apple to eat later, and in the meantime, they go brown. Luckily, there are some techniques that you can use to keep your apple fresh for hours after you sliced it.

First, you need to know why it happens. The main culprit for slices going brown is oxidation. So, we need a way to keep slices away from the air. One of the ways to do this is to use an apple slicer to create wedges and put pieces together after slicing. Or we can just use a simple kitchen knife, clean slices, and put them back into the apple shape, and then tighten with a rubber band or two.

Another great way to achieve the same effect is to squeeze lemon or lime juice over the slices. A mixture of water and honey is also known to give good results. You just need to soak the slices in it for a few minutes and then store them as you like for later. Enjoy trying these recipes!