How to Bake With Frozen Berries

Blueberry muffins
Photo by Joshua Flores on Unsplash

People often think there’s not much wisdom to baking with frozen berries besides throwing in a handful in the batter and hoping for the best. However, this approach can often lead to underwhelming results. If you really want to have the best possible cakes, muffins, and pastries, follow these simple tips below.

Don’t Thaw Frozen Berries

You shouldn’t thaw frozen berries before using them. Thawing will cause the berries to release the extra moisture and will end up all mushy and unappealing. If you use them without thawing, they will keep the moisture inside the batter and taste juicy.

Roll Them in Flour

Frozen berries tend to sink to the bottom of the batter due to their weight. This can be easily avoided if you just coat them in flour beforehand. The flour coating will keep them in place and get you an even ratio all through.

Adjust the Baking Time

Fresh berries and frozen berries can be used interchangeably in recipes, but you will need to account for longer baking time if you use frozen berries. The frozen berries will get the temperature of the better slightly down, meaning you will need to leave your baking goods in the oven for longer. Adding some five minutes to the original baking time will probably be enough.