Here’s Why Your Coffee Might Taste Funny

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Drinking a bad cup of coffee first thing in the morning can be really disappointing for people who enjoy starting their days with this cozy beverage. But did you know that there are several things that can affect the taste of your coffee causing it to taste bad and funny? Here are some of the most common reasons for why.

Dirty Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is one of those kitchen tools that are important to clean often. If not, your coffee won’t taste good since the coffee machine itself is dirty. 

Stale Coffee Beans

Even though it’s safe to use them even after they’ve been sitting for weeks, coffee beans can go stale. Using stale coffee beans is likely to result in a bland cup of coffee, so always make sure to use fresh coffee grounds.

Low Quality Coffee

Investing in high-quality coffee is definitely worth it, because not all beans are created equal, and choosing low-quality coffee will most likely result in poor tasting coffee.

Bad Water

Believe it or not, using purified water is one of the most important things for brewing a perfect cup of coffee. That’s why using tap water can easily break the taste of your coffee.