Herbal Infusions to Drink Before Bedtime

Many of us have has ussies with going to sleep, and these problems have only been exacerbated by the current societal situation, which has seen daytime activity reduced and the amount of time using computer screens rise.

If you are having trouble going to sleep at night, the good thing is that there are plenty of herbal teas that can help you feel sleepy. Here are some that you should try before bed if you’re finding it difficult to fall asleep.


Chamomile has long been lauded for its ability to cause drowsiness, making it a great choice before going to bed. An antioxidant called apigenin is found in this herb, and has sleep-inducing properties.

Lavender Tea

While it might be difficult to find an infusion or tea consisting mostly of lavender, there are plenty of options that incorporate this sleep-inducing flower. Just be sure that the variety that you buy doesn’t contain more than a tiny bit of caffeine, or it might not work.

Valerian Root

Valeria is a common flower native to Europe and Asia, and its root has long been used as a natural sleep aid. Plenty of herbal tea mixes contain this root, and draw rave reviews for its ability to induce drowsiness.

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Continuing the sleep theme here is a little valerian plant. This shows the roots which is the part of the plant that we harvest. These are either dried out for making teas or cold infusions later on or soaked in alcohol or glycerine to make a tincture which is a stronger herbal remedy. If you are growing it you can also make a fresh infusion. Valerian is sometimes described as nature’s valium. It is categorised as a tranquilliser and contains valepotriates which have a depressant effect on our nervous systems. It’s a good one to try if other sedatives haven’t helped you to sleep. It is also a mild pain reliever so can be helpful if your sleeplessness if linked to pain. In last nights session we tried the cold macerate. This is made by soaking 25g of the root in 600ml water overnight (for about 8 hours). You can then drink 1 cup of this 3 times a day for anxiety or have it before bed for insomnia. It can also be used as a compress by applying a flannel/cloth soaked in the cold macerate to muscle cramps. The tincture can be used in more serious cases of nervous tension or insomnia but best to see a medical herbalist if you want to do this. It’s also not recommended to take valerian if you are suffering with depression or low mood as it can exacerbate this and always check with your GP/medical herbalist if you want to take herbs alongside other medication to be safe. 🌿😴

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