Helpful Tips When Cooking With Garlic

Garlic cloves, eggs, and dry spaghetti
Photo by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Garlic is one of the most important food items. It’s a fundamental ingredient in so many dishes and has the power to add so much flavor and depth to meals. Whether you’re enhancing a tomato sauce with some lovely garlic flavor, whipping up some garlic mushrooms, or even baking some homemade garlic bread, for many people garlic is integral to cooking. Here are some helpful tips for when cooking with garlic. 

Crush the Clove First

If you’ve ever been tempted to add garlic to a meal but have been put off by the fiddly preparation involved, then this hack will be a game changer. While the clove is still in its skin, simply squash it under something blunt, such as the knife handle. This helps the skin to break away from the clove, meaning it will be super easy to peel off and discard. 

Sprinkle Salt When Chopping

This clever trick is used by many chefs and has a range of benefits. It helps stop your knife from becoming sticky, as well as helping to soften the garlic and make it much easier to finely mince. Finally, it can help to contain the oils that escape from the clove when it’s cut, meaning your dish will have a stronger garlic flavor. 

Don’t Add it Too Early

A common mistake when cooking with garlic is to add it to the pot too early. It doesn’t require much cooking time, so it can get burned when added too early and this will affect the overall flavor of the dish.