Have You Seen These Toilet Paper Cakes Yet?

As people around the world started hoarding toilet paper in an attempt to get ready for the coronavirus pandemic, many were confused and started making jokes about it. The internet is full of memes and funny jokes about toilet paper now being a scarce resource, and we recently saw these hilarious toilet paper cakes that really made our day.

The cakes have first been spotted in Southern California in Albertsons stores, and in a supermarket in New Jersey. Since then, many bakeshops followed the trend with their own iterations of toilet paper cakes. Are they hoping to sell them quickly just like the toilet paper sells these days?

All we know is that, in times like this, every creative idea can help keep a business going, and that’s the case with these shops and toilet paper cakes. Now that many small businesses are suffering the consequences of pandemic and social isolation, it’s important to stand out and remind your customers that you’re still working and that you have just the thing they need right now.