Get Your Glasses Ready for These September Drink Holidays!

September drink holidays
Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

The month of September is here, which means that we have a new variety of food and drink celebrations to look forward to. The ninth month of the year is full of drink holidays, giving us a fun chance to celebrate some of the most popular favorites around the globe. Be sure to add these three drink holidays in September to your agenda!

National Beer Lover’s Day: September 7

If you love beer, Monday, September 7th is the day for you. Suds lovers around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy a bottle of their favorite brew in celebration of this classic adult beverage.

National Punch Day: September 20

Punch has its origins as an alcohol-infused fruit juice mix that was drunk by sailors in the 18th century, but it can be found in all kinds of varieties these days. From a classic non-alcoholic fruit punch to a rum punch that’s a great party beverage, enjoy whatever kind of punch you prefer on the 20th!

National Coffee Day: September 29

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, and its annual commemoration is held on the 29th of September. Whether you enjoy espresso, drip coffee, mochas, or Cuban coffees, you’ll have the chance to raise your mug in celebration of coffee on this late September Tuesday.