Get Fresh Food at McDonald’s with These Tips

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Like all fast food chains, McDonald’s prepares most of its food in advance to be able to serve its customers in a timely fashion. However, some people are not really that excited to eat something that was prepared half an hour ago or longer. If you feel the same way, here are some tips that will ensure you always get the freshest food at McDonald’s.

Order Unsalted French Fries

This tip is familiar to most McDonald’s enthusiasts but there are some of you who might not be familiar with it. To get fresh fries at McDonald’s, simply ask French fries without salt. McDonald’s salts its fries as soon as they get out of the fryer, so they’ll have to make you a new batch. You can later salt your fries by using salt packets.

Customize Your Burger

The easiest way to get a fresh burger is to customize your order. If you ask for a burger without pickles, for example, you will get a fresh one made. Also, if you ask for additional toppings, like double cheese or extra sauce, you will achieve the same result.

Ask for Fresh Food

You can always ask your order to be made fresh. You might get a strange look here and there, but in most cases, the staff will respect it and make your food from scratch.