Flavored Sunflower Seeds Are All the Rage

Sunflower seeds
Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

Sunflower seeds are one of our favorite snack foods. The dried, roasted seeds of the sunflower plant are a popular choice for munching throughout the world, and their traditional preparation includes flavoring with only salt. Over the past couple of decades, however, some sunflower seed manufacturers and foodies have turned to make this classic snack food even more interesting. How so?

Spicing It Up

It’s become popular to begin making and manufacturing flavored sunflower seeds—achieved by adding a flavoring or spice mix to the exterior of the roasted shells, which in effect “seasons” the interior of the seeds.

The premise of this idea is that the flavors contained in these spice mixes will impart a certain food or sauce’s flavor upon the toasted crunchiness of sunflower seeds. It’s an idea that works fantastically well!

Utilizing It Well

Some of the most popular flavors you will see on store shelves include ranch dressing, dill pickle, barbecue, and chile lemon. Between spicy, salty, tangy, and sweet—there are a boatload of options to choose from

Have you tried flavored sunflower seeds yet? What is your favorite flavor?