Filet Mignon Made in a Dorm Room Impresses Gordon Ramsay

If you watched any of his shows or followed him on social media, you know by now that the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is hard to impress. However, one TikTok user managed to do that by cooking a filet mignon in their dorm room.

Ramsay has a series on TikTok in which he reacts to food that social media users make. He usually gets outraged by some questionable cooking decisions, making his video a must-watch.

One of Ramsay’s recent reactions was at the video of a TikToker @lazypotnoodle, who made a proper filet mignon in a slow cooker in their dorm room while watching a TV show. At first, he was puzzled by the decision to cook such a demanding dish in those conditions.

“What happened to $3 ramen?,” Ramsay wonders at the start of the video.

However, as the clip progresses, Ramsay is more and more convinced the dish will be a real deal. He praises @lazypotnoodle’s technique and is genuinely impressed with the outcome and the fact that the meat was even pink in the middle.


#duet with @Lazy Pot Noodle🍜 #University is back in session but this the poshest dorm meal I’ve ever seen ! #college #ramsayreacts #backtoschool

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Ramsay’s reaction video ended up getting 52.7 million views while attracting more than 14K comments. Most of the other TikTokers were surprised that Ramsay had a positive reaction to someone else’s cooking for a change.

“Never in my life have I seen Gordon Ramsay react well to one of these videos,” one user wrote.

“Who are you, and what did you do with Gordon Ramsay,” another one added.